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3 Brodys and a Berry
Stephen Brody, Sam Brody, Mary Ann (Lash) Brody, Sarah (Cagley, Culver) Berry

Five Generations
 Sam Brody + Mary Ann Lash
-Jane Brody Culver
--Bertha Culver Brown
---Louise Brown Wayson
----Dean Wayson
Standing: Louise Wayson, Bertha Brown, Jane Culver
Seated: Mr. & Mrs. Sam Brody, with Dean Wayson between them.

Five Generations
 Joanna Osborn Brody
-Sam Brody
--Jane Brody Culver
---Bertha Culver Brown
----Louise Brown Wayson
Standing: Sam Brody, Bertha Brown
Seated: Jane Culver holding Louise Brown, Joanna Osborn.

2 tombstones (San Diego, CA)
Tombstone of Brody descendant Bertha (Culver) Brown, daughter of Jane (Brody) Culver; granddaughter of Sam Brody.
Tombstone of Bertha's husband, Guy D. Brown.


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