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Here are some photos from Dean & Eileen (Ernst) Wayson's 50th Wedding Anniversary party. I lost one "roll" of digital film, so this is all I have from the party. Sorry. :(

Good news! I found the "lost" "roll" of digital film, so there are two more pictures at the bottom of this page. :) Of course, there's only two pictures on the "lost roll" so it really wasn't a big deal.

At Dean & Eileen's, the night before - San Diego, California - 21 July 2001
Teresa (daughter) and Billy (Dean's brother)

At the Embarcadero - San Diego, California - 22 July 2001
The Photographer preps Dean, Eileen, all their descendants, and a few other relatives for a group picture.
More prepping....
The family! I'm sure the photographer (Eileen's niece) got a better picture, but this one's mine.
There is a bigger version with names of this group picture so you can see more detail. WARNING: Big image may load very slowly.
Another shot of the family.

The next day, boarding the bus to Mexico - San Diego, California - 22 July 2001
Dean and little brother Billy

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